Official Titles…

Copywriter/ Scriptwriter

What does Lawrence bring to the table?

Wisdom (at least, that’s the way he sees it).

After three decades working in health care and years of running a local charity, Lawrence likes to think he’s the adult in the room. Adept with puns, friendly to a fault, and with a way with words, he does offer some value… so we keep him around.

Lawrence has three degrees: Two bachelors (though he’s married) and a Masters of Something, along with years of writing experience.

Any words of wisdom for us today, Lawrence?

  • “I love puns, so I can honestly say, ‘All of my puns are intended.’ ” 
  • “Weirdness is a proven side effect of being awesome.” 
  • “I believe that if I’m going to be stupid, I should at least be entertaining.” 
  • “I’m pretty sure this isn’t my home planet.”

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