Official Title

Chief Morale Officer.

What is Kasper’s perspective on things?

He keeps insisting he’s not lazy, he’s just in energy-saving mode. It might look like he’s doing nothing, but in his mind, he’s quite busy. He believes that hard work never killed anyone, but why take a chance? Easily satisfied, all he requires is a little attention and his favorite treat (pieces of fresh apple 🍎)..

Any insights you’d like to share with us today, Kasper?

  • “Why do you make me wear this sweater? I look like a dork.”
  • “Why do you talk to me like I’m an infant? I’m 91 years old in dog years.” 
  • “You have an entire cupboard of food. Why do I only get fed twice a day?”
  • “Why can’t I pee in the house like you can?”
  • “I’m so glad you’re home. Someone pooped in the hallway.”


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