Who is Natalia?

Official Titles… UX Designer / Branding Expert What does Natalia bring to the table? Balance With 14+ years of experience in graphic design, and more recent experience in User Experience (UX) Design and branding expertise, Natalia keeps us on track with our overall strategy. And with so much testosterone in the office, there’s a real […]

Who is Lawrence?

Official Titles… Copywriter/ Scriptwriter What does Lawrence bring to the table? Wisdom (at least, that’s the way he sees it). After three decades working in health care and years of running a local charity, Lawrence likes to think he’s the adult in the room. Adept with puns, friendly to a fault, and with a way […]

Who is Kasper?

Official Title Chief Morale Officer. What is Kasper’s perspective on things? He keeps insisting he’s not lazy, he’s just in energy-saving mode. It might look like he’s doing nothing, but in his mind, he’s quite busy. He believes that hard work never killed anyone, but why take a chance? Easily satisfied, all he requires is […]

Who is Ben?

Official Titles… Creative Director/ Video Wizard What does Ben bring to the table? Versatility. Not only did Ben film a documentary in Africa when he was 17 years old, dangle out of a bush plane at five hundred feet to get just the right shot, and fly drones in multiple countries, but he’s also worked […]

Video Editor

We’re currently looking for a freelance Video Editor to work with us on an ongoing basis.  What you’ll be doing in your role as Video Editor :  Creating a high volume of digital video content for corporate brands and the real estate sector. Working with in-house creative and production teams, you’ll put together ideas and […]