Christina Tischler Jewelry – SME Promotional Video

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The Challenge

How do we make an cost-effective video for a small business owner who makes hand-stamped jewelry in a market that is constantly evolving?

Our Solution

Rather than focus on products that are continually changing, we focused instead on the values she holds, as we knew that they would remain constant over time. We started by combining soft lighting, slow moving camera action, and  melancholy music, before overlaying the video with a gentle voice-over. 

The Results

The client has used this timeless evergreen video on her Facebook page for the last 6 years. Obviously, some things never get old. She still loves it to this day!

What they had to say

"Working with Defiant Sheep was a memorable experience, to say the least. Not only did they deliver outstanding quality in the video, Ben and Lawrence were amazing to work with. Through engaged conversations and thoughtful insights, I truly felt heard and considered, which was reflected in the final product. Amazing execution. I highly recommend the talented services of Defiant Sheep!"
Christine Tischler
Owner/ Artisan