Robarts Research Institute – Promotional Video

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The Challenge

How do we create a bold and authoritative promotional video for an established scientific research organization (that previously had very few video assets), so they could start presenting themselves to the world as the leading research institute that they actually are?

Our Solution

After crafting a purposefully dramatic script that matched their authoritative status and using an appropriately paced voice-over, we gathered on-site video assets that highlighted their state-of-the-art proprietary laboratory equipment, modern laboratory settings, and practicing scientists and combined them with 2D computer modelling, motion graphics, and after effects.

The Results

We produced an amazing impactful video that achieved the desired goals of the research institute and was well-received by those who viewed it! 

Although this project was approved and pushed forward by top management, this video wasn’t distributed widely because it wasn’t part of an overall marketing plan. 

Going forward we require that new clients clearly link the production of their video with a marketing and distribution plan.