CFIB – Bilingual Mini-Documentary

The Challenge

How can the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) show its 100,000 members that there is no need to go it alone against a massive government bureaucracy?

Our Solution

We traveled to Quebec to uncover the encouraging story of how the CFIB made a real difference in the daily life of one small business. We combined on-location shots obtained in St Georges, Quebec and footage from government offices in Quebec City with that of the main CFIB office in Toronto to tell the full story of how CFIB helped one small independent business cut unnecessary government red tape. We used translation services, voiceovers, and captions to present the video message in both French and English.

The Results

Both language versions of the final video were posted online during the annual Red Tape Awareness Week and on the CFIB website as an evergreen video resource for its members.